The Singapore Organization of Seamen (SOS), the Nantong Shipping College (NSC) and the Singhai 
Marine Services (SMS) have decided to optimise their resources to meet the expectations and 
challenges of a demanding international market.

The three organisations have jointly established the Singapore (Nantong) International Maritime 
Institute (SNIMI) to offer courses that meet the training requirements of their respective customers
and that of the general maritime community.

The mission of SNIMI is to provide quality maritime education and training that best meet the
mandatory and non-mandatory Merchant Marine courses for both international and local shipping

Located within the NSC campus, SNIMI currently occupies three storeys of the NSC Auxiliary 
Administration Building. It has a total floor area of 24,000 square metres that accommodates 
general administration and management offices, conference rooms, seminar rooms, multimedia
classrooms and fully equipped CBT laboratories. 

Additionally, the tripartite arrangement provides for NSCí»s full spectrum of teaching equipment 
and facilities that include the full mission navigation simulator, engine room simulator and mock-up; 
seamanship training facilities and welding centre; library and information centre; swimming pool and
stadium, to be completely accessible for SNIMIí»s use.

  • Qualified trainers

    The team of qualified and competent trainers in SNIMI includes very experienced practitioners who have served on board various classes of ships as Ship Captains (Masters), Chief Engineers and at the minimum Chief Mates, or academicians who have graduated from the Maritime College as Masters and have profound expertise in Maritime English.

  • Teaching facilities

    Located inside the campus of NSC(Nantong Shipping College),
    SNIMI currently occupies three stories of NSC Auxiliary
    Administration building, or about a total area of 24,000 square
    meters, comprising offices, conference rooms, seminar rooms,
    multimedia classrooms and fully equipped CBT rooms. In addition,
    NSCí»s full spectrum of teaching equipment and facilities and
    welding center, library and information center, swimming pool
    and stadium, all of which are completely accessible to SNIMI.

  • Star course

    Bridge Team Management (BTM) Course
    Electronic Chart Display Information System (ECDIS) Course
    Maritime Enhancement Training Programme for Deck Officers
    &Marine Engineers
    Maritime Resource Management (MRM)
    Bridage Resource Management (BRM)
    Engine Room Resource Management (ERM)
    Seacare Quality Rating&Cook Training

  • Course Schedule

    For Maritime Officers
    Short Courses of 3-day duration are available for maritime officers. These are scheduled monthly and include:
    Bridge Team Management (BTM)
    Bridge Resource Management (BRM)
    Maritime Resource Management (MRM)
    Engine Room Resource Management (ERM)
    Electronic Chart Display Information System (ECDIS)